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Yorkshire Manor House

What Do We Do At Rowley Manor?
2nd January 2017
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Looking for a weekend getaway?Rowley Manor Tea Room

If yes, then Rowley Manor is the place for you. Built in 1928, this Yorkshire manor house is encapsulated by beautiful lawns and tree’s, which can be viewed from by the large windows.

The rooms at Rowley are decorated beautifully, some equipped with luxurious 4-poster beds with soft, delicate mattresses. All our rooms are spacious, fit with vintage chairs and sofas to fit in with the decorum of the manor.

On the ground level of the Yorkshire manor house are tea rooms with grande fire places and the windows look out onto the green grounds of Rowley. Sitting down to afternoon tea couldn’t be more delightful.

For more information about Rowley Manor, visit our webiste and check out all of our services and more information on the rooms.